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Wolf Purnananada

Wolf Purnananada

(Master Practitioner & Trainer with KAMBÔ International
Certified KAMBÔ Practitioner with IAKP)

Wolf Purnananda’s journey of service to humanity and healing practices began 22 years ago. The first 14 years were spent in the Sports Medicine field. Wolf then felt and heard the call: “Heal from the natural remedies of the Earth.” This magnetized him towards the art of natural, holistic healing and shamanic practices. In heeding the call, a profound awakening occurred.

Through the treatment of Kambô, one may receive more understanding of their True Nature and a clear Realization of their Highest Self…Allowing oneself to heal from layers of Life and begin to connect their highest Purpose.

Wolf attended school for Naturopathic studies and during this time discovered himself as a Light Healer. As such, he worked with a medium and practiced quantum energy work that assisted deceased spirits to cross over.
Wolf’s light work evolved while he was receiving a “Rising Star” healing at the Agape Spiritual Center. During this session, two of his Spirit Guides, Yeshua and Melchizedek, came forth and delivered a message. “You are to learn this healing modality and Yoga and share them with the world.” These powerful Spirits guided Wolf and all his work for the next 8 years.

Along the journey, Wolf has been blessed with many teachers. In the first 3 years, he studied with an Abbot of the Renzaiji Buddhist Monastery located in Los Angeles where he advanced his spiritual practice by taking residence there. During this time, Wolf began working with two unique shamans that crossed his path in Divine order helping him to connect deeper to his native indigenous roots. In 2015, Wolf ventured to the Satchidananda Ashram-Yogaville for their Living Yoga Internship Program located Virginia. Through these experiences, Wolf discovered a deeper understanding of the Light within, Truth, and its origin.

Up to this point, Wolf credits the greatest teacher in his life of consciousness has been the relationship with his Highest Self through the medicine of “Grandmother” Ayahuasca. This has been a dedicated practice of his for over 8 years. In 2019, Wolf was guided through the presence of his mother in Spirit form, to begin serving the KAMBÔ Medicine. Since then, Wolf has received merit and certifications through two international organizations as a Master Practitioner. He is continuing to offer this work through workshops, retreats, and group ceremonies with ancient medicines and soul evolving teachings.

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