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Wolf Purnananada

Wolf Purnananada

(Master Practitioner & Trainer with KAMBÔ International
Certified KAMBÔ Practitioner with IAKP)

Wolf Purnananda is a modern medicine man, ceremonialist and mystic dedicated to healing with the remedies of the Earth.

Through the treatment of Kambô, one may receive more understanding of their True Nature and a clear Realization of their Highest Self…Allowing oneself to heal from layers of Life and begin to connect their highest Purpose.

After specializing in sports medicine for 14 years in Arizona and establishing a celebrity gym and medical center in Beverly Hills, Wolf received a clear call to redirect his path. It was after his first encounter with plant medicine that he dismounted from his worldly existence and entered a Buddhist monastery. This leap allowed him to train intensively with revered leaders from a wide variety of traditions, ranging from his own Cherokee lineage to South American shamanic circles. For over a decade now, Wolf Purnananda has remained deeply dedicated to studying and exploring ancient traditions that connect our souls to the Divine.

Beginning his public ceremonial service as a healing practitioner of the Rising Star, he soon focused his work on plant medicine modalities of Ayahuasca and KAMBÔ. Through this intuitive connection, he is actively expanding his work with master plant medicines. In recent years Wolf has received direct communion with the Spirit of Iboga. His current mission includes development of a specific “Diamond” method for achieving personal realization through the plant medicine triune of Kambo, Ayahuasca, Iboga and practices from all over the world. Those who commune at the altar of Wolf’s ceremonies enjoy deeply integrated, multi-modal approaches to plant medicine work, difficult to find in the western world today.

Wolf is a certified yoga instructor, advanced Reiki practitioner, Chi Gong instructor and Master Practitioner and Level 1 Trainer by Kambo International. He currently lives in Ashland, Oregon, where he teaches yoga and hosts plant medicine ceremonies. He travels frequently, holding ceremonies in Los Angeles, Hawaii, throughout the West Coast and the Southwest. He is also currently launching a podcast titled ‘Spiritual Surfers’ to be released in late 2023 so that he may continue to serve on a broader level.

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